Story telling made easy

Writing stories takes your test creation to next level. A story is smallest collection of steps which can define a user or business behaviour. Once you define this you can combine multiple stories together to compose a chapter. these compositions then can be executed using a test. With Svatah you can now build incredibly stable tests as behavior driven stories in minutes.

Fastest execution ever

Svatah allows you to easily automate the tasks of your user interface in language agnostic format using its algorithms so anyone can focus more on development rather than on scripting for regression. Each user journey in itself is the self contained flow which Svatah supercharges during executions using self-managed parallel executions.

Reporting made easy

Svatah collects all the relevant metrics from your test and generates intelligence from it to present you with detailed beautiful reports. With Svatah you get a dashboard with comparisons with your previous builds and reports highlighting steps executed with attached screenshots. What's more, you can even do visual comparisons between different builds of a project taking your testing to next level.

Svatah Flavors


Svatah ADE

Svatah ADE is a desktop client built using Electron and Svatah's core to help you build and run your Svatah Flows locally.


Community Cloud

Svatah community cloud is build for developers who want to utilise the power of BDD with minimal setup for their projects.


Enterprise Cloud

Powered by Svatah core algorithm, Svatah cloud uses machine learning to provide you with one stop test automation solution.

Remote server API client!


Ever wondered while development how your API's services will respond to user requests? Testing locally is great but testing only locally is never complete testing. Svatah has build this service for you to validate your API responses from remote servers.

Whats more, the API client also supports bypassing SSL security for newer SSL certificates which on traditional clients might be giving security error.

extension Go to API Client

Shout to all explorers!

You can simply sign up and start using the platform to automate your website's regression as single user during early adopter edition. Rest assured we will always have platform open for you. Keep the feedback coming in to make the platform more robust for you. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, reach out to us to see how can we help.

Or, You can go through the documentation to get a better insight to the platform.


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