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Behaviour driven

Svatah has always been driven by the idea that testing should be simple and easy. We spend hours to write boiler plate code just to enable us to write tests. Then comes whole set of new challenges of maintaining the tests, managing their executions, making them legible for different stakeholders and many more. Often, teams starts feeling the pinch when testing activities starts taking more time than intended. While we should never compromise the quality, we can definitely make test lifecycle simple.

Svatah is a scalable, robust, cloud based platform which is imbibed in the behavior driven philosophy. Svatah enables you to rapidly design your test and supercharges your execution.

Svatah works on behavior driven model where you can write user stories in plain english using Svatah's vocabulary and connect them together as flows. Svatah's algorithm's then translate these stories in tests and executes them on relevant platform. Here a flow represents a user journey thus Svatah's flow acts as a detailed documentation for your software.

Svatah's flows are language agnostic i.e. you would not need to create any language bindings to execute them. Moreover, Being plain text files they can reside within your codebase and would work for all web UI, mobile UI and API testing. Svatah internally uses Java runtime thus offering a secure and efficient execution model which can be scaled effectively for a parallel testing. In fact, all your user flows are capable of running in parallel, providing you with super fast test execution.

Flavours of Svatah

Svatah Comes in two major flavors viz Cloud and Automation Development Environment aka ADE. The cloud interface provides a simplified interface which does not require any setup and ADE provides you with integrated environment once you download and where you can quickly write and validate tests.

Svatah Cloud

Svatah cloud is a SaaS product which allows you to easily automate the tasks of functionally validating any User Interface in language agnostic format using its algorithms so anyone can focus more on development rather than on scripting for regression from any web browser.

Svatah ADE

Svatah ADE is a desktop client built using Electron and Svatah's core to help you build and run your Svatah Flows locally. It provides you with one click setup for running your integration test for web apps and API. It is super easy to create a new project, just follow the getting started guides to create your project.