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Svatah started its journey with a simple idea — to make behaviour driven automation, behave well. We started with the purpose to save a developers time which could be better utilised in other activities.

Svatah's Mission

Our mission is to be the one stop test automation platform that help business users, testers and developers in creating and Executing simple, reusable, behaviour driven tests FAST.

Flavours of Svatah

Svatah Comes in two major flavors viz Cloud and Automation Development Environment aka ADE.

Svatah Cloud

Svatah cloud is a SaaS product which allows you to easily automate the tasks of functionally validating any User Interface in language agnostic format using its algorithms so anyone can focus more on development rather than on scripting for regression from any web browser.

Svatah ADE

Svatah ADE is a desktop client built using Electron and Svatah's core to help you build and run your Svatah Flows locally. It provides you with one click setup for running your integration test for web apps and API. It is super easy to create a new project, just follow the getting started guides to create your project.